The CDL trucking driver is a good career option for many reasons. Not only it has a competitive pay, but this is perhaps the only profession which is not affected by recession. There are thousands of trucking companies in the USA. But not every trucking company offers a great career for CDL drivers. There are some features that make a trucking company dream to work for CDL drivers. To know whether these companies are fit for you or not there are some questions every CDL driver should ask before joining them.

Questions To Ask Trucking Company In USA:

  • Insurance: Truck driver job is very risky. A CDL truck driver has to driver in mountains, deserts, narrow roads and in harsh weather conditions such as snow and storms. If something bad happens to the driver then who will pay the compensation? Good trucking companies always offer health and term insurance for all of their employees. So, getting insurance should be your top priority as a CDL truck driver.
  • Pay Checks: The next thing to ask is the salary they are offering. As everyone knows that CDL truck driver job is a very lucrative one. So its good to find out in the first place that what salaries you will get in hand. Apart from salary, any other perks you will get such as bonus for a long drive, will you get paid for the waiting time and also how many miles per day they are expecting you to drive. How they will calculate the miles and what percentage of your job is drop and hook?
  • Your Destination: It is also good to know about the route you will be assigned at the time of job. Many CDL drivers want a route which is close to their home. Will you be at your home daily or weekly or twice a week? So areas might mean that you will be paid more. Not only this, ask will you be driving new machines or the old ones?

With answer of these questions, you will be clear about your job in any logistics company in USA. Companies that offer such benefits are always great to work with.